Paediatric First Aid Course (6hr)

This course is comprehensive, interactive and fun. The course focuses on emergency scenarios that are faced by nannies, childminders, nanny/housekeepers and people who work with young children.

This course meets the First Aid requirements of OFSTED for the voluntary register.

Who should attend?

Nannies, Nanny/Housekeepers, Mother’s Help, Nursery Nurses and people working with younger children up to 8 years old or working towards an NVQ in Childcare and Education.

What you will learn?

The course covers how to deal with accidents and emergencies involving young children.

Course Content

  • - Role of a first aider, accident reporting and the first aid box
  • - Action planning in an emergency
  • - Primary and secondary assessments
  • - Recovery position
  • - Infant, child and adult resuscitation (CPR)
  • - Infant, child and adult action for choking
  • - Head injuries
  • - Treatment for bleeding, shock and burns
  • - Treatment for sprains, strains and fractures
  • - Poisoning, bites and stings
  • - Eye, nose and ear obstructions
  • - Childhood conditions
  • - Asthma, diabetes and seizures
  • - Allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock

Course Duration

6 Hours


Certificate of Attendance valid for 3 years


London - Victoria

Course Fee :


OCN Common Core Skills Course (1 day attendance course)

Accreditation: This course is accredited by the OCN OTC at level 3 and carries 1 credits.

The Common Core Of Skills and Knowledge for Ofsted registration is a set of principles and values. It sets out what basic skills and knowledge are needed by people whose work brings them into regular contact with children, young people and families. This includes, nannies, Au Pairs, Maternity nurses, teachers.

To register on the voluntary part of the OFSTED Childcare Register, child – carers must have had training in the Common core of skills and knowledge.

The Common Core Skills and Knowledge Development Programme is based on the Children’s Workforce Development Council’s philosophy. The skills and knowledge are described under six main headings:

    • - Effective communication and engagement with children, young people and families


    • - Child and young person development


    • - Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the child


    • - Supporting transitions


    • - Multi-agency working


  • - Sharing information

Where: London - Victoria

COST: £120 ( includes certification)

Sleep training for Babies, Children and Young People Level 3

Our sleep training course is suitable for experienced nannies, maternity nurses or other qualified childcares who either want to expand their skills or want to become Sleep Consultant.

What it means to be a Sleep Consultant:

Working as a Sleep Consultant means you will be working with parents who are desperate for support, advice and sleep! Parents will be relying on you to provide the right advice and techniques which they are comfortable with and which are right for their baby or child. Being able to be flexible in your approach, considerate and effective communicators will quickly bring recommendations from your clients

Fees vary widely, depending on level of service, amount of time you are with a family and whether you are supporting them overnight.

Consultations on average can be charged from £100-£250 and overnight £200-£300.

Method of Study

This course is a 7 hour course with Assignment and home study of 22 hours.

Course Content:

  •  Physiology and psychology of sleep and the importance of sleep in babies and young children
  • The relationship between diet/nutrition, exercise and sleep for children from new-born to 12 years of age
  • Understand common sleep problems in babies, toddlers and children and how to advise parents on these
  • Different approaches and theoretical beliefs regarding definition of a sleep disorder
  • REM/Non REM and relevance of sleep cycles and the role of melatonin
  • Understand the relationship between routine and sleep including nap times
  • Different cultural and family perspectives which need to be considered when addressing sleep and routines
  • Implementation of positive routines with twins and multiples
  • How to develop a specific and individual sleep action plan appropriate to the needs of baby, child, young person and parents
  • Understanding how to support parents in achieving a positive sleep environment.
  • Understanding current Government guidance in regards to SIDS and how to implement in practice

Where: London - Victoria

Cost: £175 (includes the Certification)

Maternity Nursing Course Level 3

What it means to be a Maternity Nurse:

-Maternity Nurses have experience working with Newborn and infants, working in the family home providing physical and emotional support to the new parents. The general role is to assist the whole family with the everyday care and needs of the baby/babies.

-As a Maternity Nurse you will work with the mother and father to establish sleeping and feeding routines which fit the family needs and lifestyles.

-Maternity Nurses will generally work 24 hour shifts over several days/weeks.

-By the time the Maternity Nurse leaves the family, everyone should feel more confident about the transition into parenthood.

 Maternity Nurse Responsibilities

  • Breastfeeding support and advice relating to breast milk production and care of breasts.
  • Initiating an appropriate routine for the babies and family, including feeding, playing and naptime
  • Keeping a record of routine, feeding, naps and overall development and weight
  • Feeding babies or supporting parents in chosen feeding method
  • Provide meals and snacks for mother (and other family members when appropriate)
  • Sterilising, cleaning and preparing bottles
  • Bathing baby/babies and/or supporting parents to do this
  • Keeping nursery/bedroom tidy and clean
  • Restocking baby items as needed or informing parents when stocks are running low
  • Laundering babies clothing and bedding
  • Providing reassurance and encouragement to parents

 Method of Study

This course is accredited by the Open College Network (OCN OTC) at level 3 and carries 9 credits.

To successfully achieve this award learners must complete the assessments associated with the course as well as attend the 2 days classroom teaching. (9.30am-5.30pm)

 Course Content:

 Role & Responsibilities of the Maternity Nurse

Health & Care of Newborns

        Bathing and Skin/ Hair Care

        Cord care



        Safety and Hygiene

Attachment and Bonding

Care of Premature Babies and Multiples

Colic & Reflux

Caring for the unsettled baby

Tongue Tie

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sleep in Newborns


Health & Care of Post Natal Mums

         Diet and Nutrition

         Emotional Support

         Postnatal Depression

         Rest and Healing

Understanding cultural variations

Breast Feeding

        Process and Lactation

        Hand and Pump Expressing


        Expressing and Overcoming Difficulties

Bottle Feeding

        Expressed milk

        Preparation of formular milk

        Different bottles/ teats





Interviews & CV’s

Getting work as a Maternity Nurse

Where: London - Victoria

Cost: £495 payable upon booking and includes the Certification

For more information please email or call 020 3664 8194.