by B2B

So you got the interview you wanted…That’s great news. Now all you have left to do is to get THE JOB.

Remember, the interview is all about selling yourself.

Here are a few tips that might sound very obvious; still, lots of nannies seem to forget about the importance of them.

As an Agency, we really DO want you to get your “dream” job and there is nothing more frustrating when an excellent nanny misses out on a position, simply because she didn’t pay enough attention to the details.

Tip 1.  BE ON TIME!

To be late from your Interview is simply unacceptable. If anything, you should be 10 minutes early. Make sure you look up the address before hand and give yourself plenty of time to get there (we all know London traffic can me rather tricky even on the best day). If for any reason you are running late, give the mum/dad a call to give them a head’s up OR give the agency a call to let them know so that they can let the family know.


Here is another obvious point…. First of all, remember, there is such a thing as smart casual. When the parents look at you, they will try to picture you with their children on a daily basis., so wearing short skirts, hot pants or low cut tops are BIG NO-NOs. (You might get Dad’s vote but definitely not the job.) You should also leave your brand new knee length high heel boots at home (OH YES – we have seen them)

– They might look super trendy, but when you rock up for an interview wearing them, trust me when I say, the MUM will have a very hard time picturing you with her baby in the sandpit…

Equally, please don’t wear your oldest “lucky” jumper (no matter how comfy it is) – holes and fluffs are just not very attractive.

If you go straight from work, it’s always a good idea to have some spare clothes in your bag. (So you don’t need to explain the sick marks on your shoulder or the snot on your trousers.)


Now, I really shouldn’t be telling you this BUT surprisingly it seems like I have to… Let’s put it this way… there are days (mainly on the weekend) when I don’t bother brushing my hair…. But there is NO WAY I would ever go to a job interview with my hair being out of control.

Also, be very careful with make up. When the parents give us a feedback you wouldn’t want to be referred to as the “drag queen”. (YES, it REALLY DID happen.)


Don’t forget to take your portfolio with you – it should include your CV, qualifications, certificates, references, and a copy of your DBS… to really impress the parents, you could always include pictures of art projects you have done with the kiddies over the years.

If you are the nervous type, ask the agency to help you to get prepared. Most agencies send the parents a list of questions they could ask during the interview (we do), if you ask the agency - I’m sure they will be happy to email you the possible questions and they might also give you some extra tips.

The interview is a two way process and usually at the end of the interview you have the chance to ask questions. Make sure you use this opportunity to get an even better picture of the position. If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to raise them whilst you are there.


Finally, just be honest and open. Remember the parents are looking for someone who can fit into their home/life. So try to relax, and enjoy the experience as much as possible.  If the children are at present make sure you include them during the interview – the parents will want to see how you relate.